Is it possible to buy travel insurance in the airport?

It is very common for people to totally forget to buy their travel insurance before they start their holiday.

It’s one of those the things that we have on our holiday list and usually it gets pushed right to the bottom!

It is very hard to say which insurers will cover you or not once you get to the airport as they all have different requirements and policies.

For instance some travel insurance providers will allow you to buy right up to the moment that you pass through into departures.

Some travel insurance providers will basically not allow you to buy as soon as you leave your house as this is deemed as the start of your holiday.

If you can find an online insurer that says clearly that you can buy cover in the airport then go for it otherwise we strongly recommend you phoning the various insurance companies and speak to someone about later stage cover.

There are some kiosks in the airports where you can buy insurance but you need to be careful that you know all the terms and conditions

Heading to South Africa? Here’s what you need to know

South Africa at the foot of the great continent has always been a popular destination for older Brits. Many have family connections out there and some have second homes around the cape.

The big issue for South African visitors is of course safety. Unfortunately SA has one of the worst reputations in the world for serious and petty crime. Cape Town is considered one of the safer areas but has a real problem with gang violence. Tourists though are not usually their target but express kidnappings and car jacking does happen.

That all said South Africa can still be a very rewarding destination for the intrepid traveller. There is no reason why you cannot have a trouble free visit to the country but the usual safety tips should be noted.

  • Do not walk around on your own at night
  • Avoid areas that have a bad reputation e.g. downtown J’burg
  • Use Uber or some other reputable taxi or car service. When travelling ensure all doors and windows are locked and shut
  • Keep your valuable as close to your body as possible. Better still try and limit the valuable items you take to South Africa. If you have a new iPhone for instance you might be better off using an old one while in the country. South Africa has a huge gap in wealth and you will be surrounded by a lot of poverty.

We do not want to put anyone off going to South Africa. It’s a hugely popular destination for boomers and the retired with so much to see. just make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance before you go and try and not be too paranoid.


Do I really need travel insurance for Australia?

Australia is a hugely popular destination for British pensioners and people of all ages. This is despite the huge distances and costs involved getting to the land downunder!

It is often thought that due to reciprocal health cover you do not need to worry about having healthcare as British citizens will automatically be covered on the Australian medicare scheme. Well this is not the case.

Some of your hospital fees will be covered by in public hospitals downunder but never in private ones. Ambulances are privately run and are not covered by medicare. Indeed even some Australians in certain states would have to pay for an ambulance of they didnt have their own health insurance.

So you really need travel insurance if you are going to Australia, there are no two ways about it. Ambulance travel alone can cost many 1000s of dollars and that’s even before you get to hospital.

Doctor visits also have to be paid for too.

Below are a couple of links that you should check out before planning a trip to Australia.

Will my EHIC card still work after Brexit?

Britons for many years have enjoyed the benefits of the EHIC card which entitles them to free or reduced rates healthcare in other European countries. Some travellers unwisely go on holiday thinking EHIC is a replacement for travel insurance. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. You should always have valid travel cover if you go anywhere outside the UK!

Back to Brexit. March 2019 is looming large and the answer to the question ‘Will my EHIC card still work after Brexit?‘ is that no one still knows!

Yes we are less than one year away now from crashing out of the European Union yet much remains unresolved and no one knows what’s going to happen.

The prospects did not look good back in 2017 that EHIC would still work for Brits but David Davis did indicate (before he stood down) that EHIC should continue and be part of any deal with the EU. However there is talk of Britain crashing out with no deal at all so where does this leave EHIC?

Again no one knows for sure. This in uncharted territory that we are moving into. Brits could end up with the same rights to healthcare in Spain as they would in Thailand – the latter offering cheaper healthcare!

If there are any updates then we will be one of the first to report them.

Travel News Feb 2018

The latest report of the Italian statistic office, Istat, on the top Italian destinations among tourists in 2016 positioned Rome on the top. Venice is third after Milan, with 10.5 million arrivals.

The summer season was very successful for Austrian tourism this year. The main markets contributing to the increase were visitors from Germany and Italy.

The Chinese market is the world’s second largest cruise market after the United States. The number of cruise passengers has been increasing by 76% every year for about four years. In 2016 the new record tally…

India’s economic growth is weakening. However, a record growth in terms of tourism saved Prime Minister Modi’s reputation as a successful reformer for now. India’s government announced another ambitious goal:…

Hotels, restaurants and businesses choose to close indefinitely while contemplating whether recovery is possible. The tourism industry in Puerto Rico wore optimism in the months before the impact of Hurricane Maria:…

Most people traveling to Spain are excited to try the local cuisine in all its forms and varieties. However, it is estimated that about 10% of the world’s population is vegetarian. Many of these people are also…

Macau may receive up to 40 million visitors in 2025, which represents an increase of almost 30% compared to last year, as announced by the Macau tourism authorities during the presentation of the Tourism Industry…

What if you could access information on a million hotels in one place? Even better, what if you could access information about that million hotels and access information about the local places of interest and local…

Travel insurance is expected to cost more after Brexit

Many news outlets were reporting that travel insurance quotes have gone up since Brexit. This was largely down to the the fall of the Pound Sterling. This fall in the £ has pretty much put up all costs for Brits, particularly when they go on holiday.

The pound is bound to bounce back at some point once the terms of Brexit are settled and the economy grows again, but that does not mean that travel insurance for Brits will go reduce.

If the UK is out of the European Union then presumably it will be treated as a third country. This also means it’s citizens will be treated as such and this could see travel insurance rocket to the same sort of levels as when you visit America.

When you buy travel insurance you are usually presented with the following options; Europe, World without US/Canada, Worldwide. It in not inconceivable that the Europe option is taken away meaning you will pay the same for travel insurance if you are travelling to Australia or Austria.

Uncertainty remains for older Brits over Brexit

It’s been over one year now since the vote on leaving European Union and uncertainty over Brexit still rules the waves, or should that be a very choppy sea!

Of course these delays are affecting everyone in the UK and the many Brits that are living throught the EU. One such group are the over 65s, particularly the expats that are living out their golden years on the sun baked Spanish costas.

The most up to date information is that the EU are pretty much going to allow Brits to continue living on the continent regardless of how long they have been there. The EU sees a cut off point being when Britain officially exits the EU, supposedly in March 2019.

The British Governement however have not been so clear on such matters. This is not only uncomfortable for Brits abroad but also EU citizens in the UK.

The PM has made noises regarding the important matter of healthcare suggesting that Brits in the EU should still be allowed to seek free healthcare which presumably their host coutry would then bill the UK government.

What will happen to EHIC cards after Brexit?

Will Brits still be able to use their EHIC card after Brexit?

Of course, this is one of the many questions that’s going to remain unanswered for a quite a while. Indeed with negotiations between the UK and the EU is expected to take up to two years, it could be a long while before the situation is clear in regards to the EHIC card.

What is an EHIC card?

An EHIC card the European Health Insurance card that entitles European citizens reciprical healthcare in other European countries.

Contrary to popular belief, the EHIC (formally known in Britain as the E111 card) is not an EU invention. It is actually from the EEA (The European Economic Area). The EEA includes such countries as Norway and Switzerland, which are not EU countries but use the EHIC scheme nonetheless.

Won’t Britain remain as a member of the EEA after Brexit?

This is unlikely. Being a member of the EEA means freedom of movement of people. This is the main issue for the UK in regards to Brexit! If the UK  could have turned off the free movement of people, then it would not be in the situation it is now.

So it is expected that the UK will leave the EEA too so it can control it’s borders.

Where does this leave the EHIC card?

In theory the UK will come out of the EHIC scheme because it will not be a member of the EEA.

For more on this news item check out this recent telegraph article.

Current Travel Insurance Quotes for someone aged 80

We are proud to be taking away the hard work of finding the cheapest and best travel insurance quote. These quotes were taken February 2017. For each insurer, the quote is for their most basic cover, which may not always include possessions or lost property.

We are basing the search on a individual aged 80 going to Spain for two weeks. It is also assumed there are no pre-existing medical conditions.

Insurance 4 med  750  3,000,000  68.04
 Good to Go Insurance  0  10,000,000  68.82
 Jet 2 Insurance  750 5,000,000  57.00
 Insure for  1000  10,000,000  93.35
 Get Going  0  10,000,000  44.04
 Alpha Travel Insurance  1000 10,000,000  28.38
 Columbus  0  5,000,000  76.96
 SAGA  5000  10,000,000  50.35
 Just Travel Cover  500  5,000,000  30.90
Explorer  1500  5,000,000  50.64
 Avanti  1000  5,000,000  80.87
 LV Insurance  0  10,000,000  96.00
 Debenhams 1000  10,000,000  98.78

November Senior Travel News Round-up

It’s almost December and we thought we’d take a look at some of the latest travel news from around the World that is affecting older travellers.

Skyscanner bought by Chinese firm

UK based flight search engine which is very popular with the Over 80s has been bought by Chinese company Ctrip. The amount paid was thought to be around £3 billion!

Seniors from the UK will not only use Skyscanner on their PCs, but more and more have downloaded the App onto their tablets too.


New Zealand open for business again after earthquakes

NZ is very much open again and gearing up to another busy summer season. The popular southern hemisphere island is particularly popular with older Britons.

The country suffered a major earthquake of over 7.2 magnitude, centred on the busy tourist area around North Canterbury, on the South Island. Some roads and access to towns were severely disrupted, but a lot of work is ongoing to get the infrastructure back on it’s feet.

New Zealand is expecting over 4 million visitors which is almost the same as the population.

The country remains popular with seniors as it often reminds them of how England use to be.


Thailand to extent long stay visas for seniors

Thailand, the ever growing tourist hub of Asia, is increasing long stay visas from 1 year to 10 years for seniors citizens from a few select Western countries.

The 10 year visas are targeted at the Over 50s who can prove they have a healthy income or 3m Baht in their bank. They will also need good health insurance coverage too.

For more on this check out…