Age Concern Travel Insurance and Help the Aged merged

Help the Aged and Age Concern have Merged to Form Age UK

By pooling their assets, Help the Aged and Age Concern have united to wind up Age UK. Age UK will keep on addressing the difficulties confronted by more established individuals living in the UK and abroad. Age UK works intimately with HelpAge International to enhance the lives of more established individuals living in creating nations.

Age Concern Over 80s Insurance

More seasoned individuals some of the time need to manage restorative conditions, the passing of friends and family and age separation. Age UK is crusading to help those misery the impacts of maturity to lead more satisfied, more beneficial lives.

By supporting broad examination, Age UK has handled a large number of the longstanding wellbeing issues identified with seniority, including dementia, psychological decrease, incontinence and strokes. Other regular issues, for example, moderate injury recuperating and decreased invulnerable frameworks are experiencing careful exploration.


Age UK travel protection

Regardless of the difficulties they confront, more established individuals keep on enjoying occasions abroad as a method for unwinding. However, get ready for an occasion can be an overwhelming prospect and some experience issues finding appropriate travel protection.

It can be troublesome for a more seasoned individual to discover a travel protection strategy that is a good fit for them, especially in the event that they have prior medicinal conditions.

Age UK will keep on promoting Age Concern travel protection and Help the Aged travel protection.

Much the same as, Age UK has no upper age limit on their travel protection approaches, and individuals with a scope of prior medicinal conditions can be secured.

In the event that you experience the ill effects of a prior restorative condition or you are more than 65, more than 70 or even more than 80, can offer a travel protection strategy that is planned in view of your needs.

What will Brexit mean for travel insurance for Europe?

The EU referendum vote has come and gone and the UK voted to leave the European Union. It was pretty close, at around 52-48%, but the nation spoke and Britain will leave the European Union, probably in the next couple of years.

Will trips to Rome be any different?
Will trips to Rome be any different?

In terms of travel and holidays in Europe, not much is likely to change. The biggest impact will be on expats living in Europe and Europeans living in the UK.

The EHIC card is not actually an EU thing as such, it is tied into the EEA, for which the UK might still remain as a member. The controversy is that the EEA generally allows free movement of people, which is what many voted against in the first place.

As we said, not much will change. If you are going on holiday to France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Portugal or any other EU country, then you will still be required to take out travel or holiday insurance. THIS IS REGARDLESS OF HAVING AN EHIC CARD!


Australia might be getting a little closer

Australia maybe a long way away but if you have grandchildren out there, then the potential 30 plus hours travel might just be worth it.


Australia is currently 22 to 24 hours away if you fly with British Airways via Singapore or Bangkok. The layover in these two cities is quite short, but in reality you might want to actually have a longer stop in between.

Flying two lots of 10/12 hours can be very punishing, to say the least!

There is even talk of flights to Australia from the UK being completed in one go, that would be from London to Perth, but would involve a very tough 18 to 20 hours flight.

Imagine being in a bad seat for the length of time, perhaps one that doesn’t recline. It would be something approaching a nightmare.

Until such a time that super sonic flights happen, maybe it’s better to have that 3 hour leg stretch in Singapore.




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Welcome to the news section of our site. We will be bringing you specific travel news related to the Over 80 age group, a group that in the UK is growing in numbers.

We will cover areas such as travel insurance, of course! But we will also cover general travel topics such as..

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