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Over 80 Travel Insurance

Over 80 will bring to you all the UK providers that cover senior citizens who are over the age of 80 years old. If you are heading to the continent for a couple of weeks holiday then we will have the providers for you

Travel Insurance Over 80s Reviews of the Over 80s providers

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Long Stay Insurance Over 80s on extended trips

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Over 80 compared table Two weeks holiday in Europe

travel insurance for 90 days and more

We constantly search for holiday cover for the over 80s providers and elderly travel insurance providers.

- Brits will need Schengen Area Travel Insurance when holidaying on the continent.

- Do you have a pre existing medical conditon and holidaying soon? Make sure you declare all medical conditions!

- Are you heading over to Europe on a long stay trip of 90 days or more and looking for affordable travel cover?

- Heading to Australia or New Zealand for a cruise holiday trip?

- Those people who are over the age of 87 or more

- Extended gap years for older traveller and over 85 age group

- Short European breaks for the over 90s and for people aged 81

- Package holidays to the med countries e.g. Greece, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Tunisia

Our guide to what to look out for when buying travel insurance for your holiday or trip abroad.

GHIC - The new EHIC card for UK residents to use in the EU

Do I still need travel insurance?

Yes, you still need travel insurance if you have a GHIC. The fact it has ‘insurance’ in the name is a bit misleading – the GHIC covers a lot less than a comprehensive travel insurance policy.

Travel insurance will normally cover:

Private medical treatment if necessary
Repatriation back to the UK
Rescue (i.e. from a mountain or the sea)
Cancellation or curtailment of your trip
Lost luggage or stolen possessions.

An EHIC or GHIC won’t cover any of these things.

Some insurers insist you have a GHIC or EHIC – or your policy won’t pay out for medical costs.

Latest Over 80s Travel News Headlines

Latest Travel News from BBC Europe - From the BBC >

Latest travel insurance for over 80 and holiday news

The strong pound sterling compared to the Euro is making trips to Spain and France and other European destinations cheaper than ever. Lots of Brits are taking advantage of this and heading overseas for their holidays instead of staying home on a staycation.

Thailand is on the rebound and more heading east than ever!

thailand holiday travel insurance

Thailand has long been a popular destination for older Britons and despite some political turmoil in the country this trend does not look like reversing. Popular destinations within the country include Bangkok, the sprawling capital, Chiang Mai in the north of the country and the second biggest and the sun seeker islands of Phuket and Koh Samui.

The country is a year around destination with lots to offer just about everyone's holiday taste. It is also a destination where most Brits end up in trouble and this goes for the senior traveller too. Therefore it's essential that you have comprehesive Thailand travel insurance if you plan on visiting the Kingdom. Hospitals are of excellent quality but the bill you could make your trip to the far-east a very expensive one.

Trend in the retired travelling further for longer

The long trip abroad, whether it be inter railing around Europe, six months exploring South America or a year in Southeast Asia use to be the preserve of younger people but this trend is being reversed. In part because older people are now retiring younger and are living longer. Many are selling up their houses and possessions and hitting the road for long periods of time.

The one issue that older people have faced is that long stay travel insurance for the over 80s can be extremely expensive, indeed even a two week holiday in Spain can cost a lot to cover, particularly when you have to include pre-existing medical conditions too.

In addition to this trend older people are also embracing mobile technology more for their travel booking needs much like younger folk. Over 85s Travel products such as hotels and flights are expected to be booked more and more online and withn mobile apps and the older generation are certainly not being left behind these trends.

1 in 10 older travellers disregard insurance

I guess you could argue that pensioners should know better at their age but a scary 10% of over 50s still go on holiday with

The worrying thing is what might happen in a medical emergency. Once you have retired your earning potential has all but gone in most cases and with medical evacuation up to £30,000 in some parts of the world you could literally say your money or your life.

The issue is of course is the high premiums for travel insurance for those in their older years. No matter what your health history says the fact remains you will as an older person pay dearly for travel insurance cover.

However there is more competition in the seniors travel insurance market and by getting cover, even for trips to friendly Spain and France, you could be saving yourself from a huge bill and a big reduction in your life savings.

Cruise and Stay Holidays becoming popular with the over 80s

travel insurance for the over 80s

Cruise and stay holidays are making the news currently but there is nothing new about this type of holiday and they are experiencing a surge in popularity.

What are cruise and stay holidays? Well they are basically cruises that allow you to stay on the land in a usual hotel so in a way you get the best of both Worlds as this enables you to enjoy a cruise but feel stuck on the boat!

The Over 85 age group are particularly taking to this type of holiday as well as adventurous older travellers who are looking for more from the destinations than a few hours stopover.

Examples of these type of cruise holidays are as follows:

How about a once in a lifetime trip is the China in your Hands 2015 cruise.

It's a bit more expensive, but at twenty five nights, the cost is justified!

Within the price you get an escorted tour of the Terracotta warriors, Forbidden City and the Great Wall, as well as a fourteen night cruise.

Sixteen nights includes a hotel stay in Miami, a fourteen night cruise on the Ruby Princess and a free West Cayman Safari!

Remember if you are going on a cruise then ensure you have over 80 cruise insurance in case anything goes wrong.

Cost of repatriation is spiralling

It's a bit of a grim subject to talk about but dying abroad is on the increase for Brits as is the cost of repatriating a body back home for a funeral. On an annual over 6000 Britons die abroad ether on holiday or as an expat.

Travel insurance provider are starting to respond to these increases by restricting the payouts for funeral arrangements and repatriation. Older travellers and particularly those over the age of 80 are being urged to read the small print on all travel insurance documentation. Most bodies of people who die abroad are brought back to the UK, indeed 9 out of 10 but costs can be way over £17,000 and that's before funeral arrangements start.

Some insurance providers are restricting their payouts to as little as £1000 which is clearly not going to go very far. Some claims have even been rejected. An example could be when someone dies hiking at high altitude and their travel insurance policy only covers low altitude hiking. In fact not being covered for dangerous sports is one of the main reasons.

Average costs for repatriation is around £4000 but as earlier mentioned it can balloon to almsot £20k in extreme cases such as repatriation from remote places such as South America and expensive countries such as Japan.

Spain will never lose it's popularity with over 80 Brits

Whatever issues Spain has with the economy in meltdown or unemployment at very high rates, especially for younger Spanish people, the country will always remain popular with people from the UK, especially those who are over the age of 86.

Why is Spain so popular with pensioners?

There are a number of reasons, and here are just a few...

- The climate in Spain is exceptional, especially when compared to the UK. At anytime of the year a holiday can be had with pleasant conditions. Winter is great in the Canaries, Spring and Autumn are nice on the Southern mainland, Andulacia, Costa Blance too. Summer is hot everywhere in Spain but more bearable in the North.

- One millions Brits already live in Spain so there is a ready made expat community and English speaking services.

- Spain is great value for money, even when the Euro is strong against the Pound.

If you do travel to Spain, even if it's just for a holiday for two weeks, then don't forget to take out travel insurance otherwise you could end up with a hefty insurance bill for any losses. The EHIC card is suppose to cover you while in Spain but don't rely on this as there has even been reports of Brits being turned away from Spanish hospitals.

Have fun and enjoy Spain, the country maybe down on it's luck but the sun is always going to shine there so enjoy!

Watch the excess on travel insurance for the over 80s

Some travel insurance compnanies are now giving the opportunity to increase the excess on travel insurance to reduce the premiums to customers but you should be aware that many claims are actually quite low, e.g. under £400 so it might not be worth paying more to reduce the premium. If you are over 83 or aged 84 insurance then ensure you have an eye on any excess charges.

Annual Travel Insurance Pre Existing Conditions

It’s very common these days to have to declare pre existing conditions before purchasing travel insurance, in fact most over 65s will be faced with this as a fact of getting older. Unfortunately this will put up the cost of insurance. For very serious pre exisiting condition, the cost of your insurance might even be… Read More »Annual Travel Insurance Pre Existing Conditions

Martin Lewis Travel Insurance for over 70s

Martin Lewis’ travel insurance Money Saving Expert’s top travel insurance tips guide you through all aspects of holiday insurance. From booking your cover through to making a claim, Martin Lewis and his money saving team explain: When to book your holiday insurance What is covered Pre-existing conditions Annual vs single trip travel insurance over 70s… Read More »Martin Lewis Travel Insurance for over 70s

Long Stay Travel Insurance for Over 65

Increasingly people are having more leisure time and with that they are looking for longer holidays and trips abroad. Destinations such as Southeast Asia involve a long flight from the UK and it seems a shame to go all that way and only experience some of the wonderful site, such as Angkor Wat (pictured above).… Read More »Long Stay Travel Insurance for Over 65

Holidays in Turkey and Travel Insurance

How can someone over 80 get Turkey insurance? Turkey is a hugely popular holiday destination for Brits of all ages and this is despite the country having some political issues. Turkey is currently not in the EU so would not be covered by any EHIC or any other European health insurance schemes. If you are… Read More »Holidays in Turkey and Travel Insurance

Is it possible to buy travel insurance in the airport?

It is very common for people to totally forget to buy their travel insurance before they start their holiday. It’s one of those the things that we have on our holiday list and usually it gets pushed right to the bottom! It is very hard to say which insurers will cover you or not once… Read More »Is it possible to buy travel insurance in the airport?

Heading to South Africa? Here’s what you need to know

South Africa at the foot of the great continent has always been a popular destination for older Brits. Many have family connections out there and some have second homes around the cape. The big issue for South African visitors is of course safety. Unfortunately SA has one of the worst reputations in the world for… Read More »Heading to South Africa? Here’s what you need to know

Current Travel Insurance Quotes for someone aged 80

We are proud to be taking away the hard work of finding the cheapest and best travel insurance quote. These quotes were taken February 2017. For each insurer, the quote is for their most basic cover, which may not always include possessions or lost property. We are basing the search on a individual aged 80 going to… Read More »Current Travel Insurance Quotes for someone aged 80

Pound gains is good new for over 80s older travellers

The pound has gained considerable strength in the last few weeks against major currencies such as the US dollar and EURO zone which is good news for anyone holidaying from the UK.

Many seniors rely on savings for their overseas trips and any change in the currency exchange can have quite a dramatic effect on the spending power. It is expected that the £ will continue to strengthen now the BoE money printing has been put on hold for now.

Need to know - European Health Insurance Cards

EHIC cards are available for free and should be an essential item if you are holidaying abroad in a European Union country such as France, Spain etc

However they do not provide what travel insurance will provide and should never be considered a replacement. Firstly they will only provide basic medical treatment when shown.

Secondly they only work when you ae visiting the country for a short period. If you intend on living in another European Union country then the EHIC card will not provide you any cover and you should ensure you have some kind of expatriate health cover if you are not a resident of your host country.

The card does not entitle you to free medical treatment abroad, in some cases it will but in many you will still have to pay a reduced fee.

Although we recommend you get your hands on an Ehic card we also strongly recommend that you take out the very basic level of travel insurance too. Don't be fooled into thinking the EHIC card will cover you in the EU because you could still end up with a huge medical bill if things go wrong and you don't have suitable holiday cover.

Other travel cover over 80s news

Nationwide raises age of their free travel insurance for over 80

The building society Nationwide have recently raised the age of their free travel insurance to 75 but have sadly not stretched to the over 80s ages group. If there is any change to this we will report it.

The deal is part of their flexaccount current account travel package which offers travel insurance as part of their packaged accounts, while buying similar seniors travel insurance from an insurance provider for a couple aged 75 would cost over £120 per year.

Why you need over 80 travel insurance

Check out our latest article detailing why you need to take out decent travel insurance when you travel overseas.

Why you need travel insurance >
Package trip? Holiday cover over 90 days >

Thomas Cook gets boost from the Redknapps!

Footballer Jamie Redknapp has helped Thomas Cook to a 15pc surge in summer holiday bookings in the last four weeks.

The ex-Liverpool and Tottenham player and his wife Louise, the former pop star, appeared in TV adverts showing the couple horse riding on the beach, lounging by the pool and dining out at a sun-drenched resort.

Thomas Cook credited the campaign for helping to boost sales after a slow start in the peak January.

Annual Insurance Cover for over 80s

Currently there are no products on the market that provide annual cover for the over 80s. However we will be putting pressure on providers to look into this as more and more older people are demanding this sort of cover.

Travel insurance over 80s providers

We will be hand selecting UK providers for you so bookmark us and come back soon.

All providers that are reviewed on this site will be authorised by the FSA.

This websites solely to seek out that none of them offer travel insurance over eight

It's easy to check travel insurance over eighty

Compare travel insurance in three simple steps

No age limits on several policies

All types of medical conditions may be fine.

Some travel insurers keep their premiums low by not providing travel insurance over eighty. Older travellers area unit typically thought of as high risk teams by insurers. will assist you save time, and even cash, by sanctionative you to look at many appropriate travel insurance policies all at a similar time instead of visiting travel insurers directly solely to seek out they are doing not cowl your people.

Travel insurance over eighty and pre existing medical conditions
People that area unit over eighty area unit a lot of possible to own a pre existing medical condition and a lot of possible to fall sick abroad, which suggests they're a lot of possible to form a claim. will assist you notice medical travel insurance in spite of what your age. you need to declare your medical condition once you obtain travel insurance over eighty.

Once you've got declared your condition, you may be taken through an easy medical screening procedure. Medical screening could be a series of multiple selection queries that relate to your medical condition. By respondent these queries accurately, your travel insurance underwriter will offer the proper level of canopy to suit you and your condition.
With, you simply got to answer one set of medical screening queries so as to look at many travel insurance policies.

Cruise protect travel insurance over eighty

Older travellers usually take cruise holidays because the aboard accommodation, restaurants and leisure activities area unit in shut proximity to 1 another, that is good for those with reduced quality. those that loathe flying will board one in every of the various cruise ships that depart from British ports. Add cruise and extension to your travel insurance over eighty if you choose to book a cruise.
Winter sports cowl extension

Add winter sports cowl to your travel contract if you choose to travel sport abroad. A winter sports extension will offer protect loss or injury to ski instrumentality, ski run closure and lots of alternative aspects of your winter sports vacation.

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FCO Know before you go is the UK Government travel advice - UK Travel insurance comparison for British senior citizens

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