Will my EHIC card still work after Brexit?

Britons for many years have enjoyed the benefits of the EHIC card which entitles them to free or reduced rates healthcare in other European countries. Some travellers unwisely go on holiday thinking EHIC is a replacement for travel insurance. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. You should always have valid travel cover if you go anywhere outside the UK!

Back to Brexit. March 2019 is looming large and the answer to the question ‘Will my EHIC card still work after Brexit?‘ is that no one still knows!

Yes we are less than one year away now from crashing out of the European Union yet much remains unresolved and no one knows what’s going to happen.

The prospects did not look good back in 2017 that EHIC would still work for Brits but David Davis did indicate (before he stood down) that EHIC should continue and be part of any deal with the EU. However there is talk of Britain crashing out with no deal at all so where does this leave EHIC?

Again no one knows for sure. This in uncharted territory that we are moving into. Brits could end up with the same rights to healthcare in Spain as they would in Thailand – the latter offering cheaper healthcare!

If there are any updates then we will be one of the first to report them.

Travel insurance is expected to cost more after Brexit

Many news outlets were reporting that travel insurance quotes have gone up since Brexit. This was largely down to the the fall of the Pound Sterling. This fall in the £ has pretty much put up all costs for Brits, particularly when they go on holiday.

The pound is bound to bounce back at some point once the terms of Brexit are settled and the economy grows again, but that does not mean that travel insurance for Brits will go reduce.

If the UK is out of the European Union then presumably it will be treated as a third country. This also means it’s citizens will be treated as such and this could see travel insurance rocket to the same sort of levels as when you visit America.

When you buy travel insurance you are usually presented with the following options; Europe, World without US/Canada, Worldwide. It in not inconceivable that the Europe option is taken away meaning you will pay the same for travel insurance if you are travelling to Australia or Austria.

Uncertainty remains for older Brits over Brexit

It’s been over one year now since the vote on leaving European Union and uncertainty over Brexit still rules the waves, or should that be a very choppy sea!

Of course these delays are affecting everyone in the UK and the many Brits that are living throught the EU. One such group are the over 65s, particularly the expats that are living out their golden years on the sun baked Spanish costas.

The most up to date information is that the EU are pretty much going to allow Brits to continue living on the continent regardless of how long they have been there. The EU sees a cut off point being when Britain officially exits the EU, supposedly in March 2019.

The British Governement however have not been so clear on such matters. This is not only uncomfortable for Brits abroad but also EU citizens in the UK.

The PM has made noises regarding the important matter of healthcare suggesting that Brits in the EU should still be allowed to seek free healthcare which presumably their host coutry would then bill the UK government.