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Heading to South Africa? Here’s what you need to know

South Africa at the foot of the great continent has always been a popular destination for older Brits. Many have family connections out there and some have second homes around the cape.

The big issue for South African visitors is of course safety. Unfortunately SA has one of the worst reputations in the world for serious and petty crime. Cape Town is considered one of the safer areas but has a real problem with gang violence. Tourists though are not usually their target but express kidnappings and car jacking does happen.

That all said South Africa can still be a very rewarding destination for the intrepid traveller. There is no reason why you cannot have a trouble free visit to the country but the usual safety tips should be noted.

  • Do not walk around on your own at night
  • Avoid areas that have a bad reputation e.g. downtown J’burg
  • Use Uber or some other reputable taxi or car service. When travelling ensure all doors and windows are locked and shut
  • Keep your valuable as close to your body as possible. Better still try and limit the valuable items you take to South Africa. If you have a new iPhone for instance you might be better off using an old one while in the country. South Africa has a huge gap in wealth and you will be surrounded by a lot of poverty.

We do not want to put anyone off going to South Africa. It’s a hugely popular destination for boomers and the retired with so much to see. just make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance before you go and try and not be too paranoid.