Do I really need travel insurance for Australia?

Australia is a hugely popular destination for British pensioners and people of all ages. This is despite the huge distances and costs involved getting to the land downunder!

It is often thought that due to reciprocal health cover you do not need to worry about having healthcare as British citizens will automatically be covered on the Australian medicare scheme. Well this is not the case.

Some of your hospital fees will be covered by in public hospitals downunder but never in private ones. Ambulances are privately run and are not covered by medicare. Indeed even some Australians in certain states would have to pay for an ambulance of they didnt have their own health insurance.

So you really need travel insurance if you are going to Australia, there are no two ways about it. Ambulance travel alone can cost many 1000s of dollars and that’s even before you get to hospital.

Doctor visits also have to be paid for too.

Below are a couple of links that you should check out before planning a trip to Australia.