Is it possible to buy travel insurance in the airport?

It is very common for people to totally forget to buy their travel insurance before they start their holiday.

It’s one of those the things that we have on our holiday list and usually it gets pushed right to the bottom!

It is very hard to say which insurers will cover you or not once you get to the airport as they all have different requirements and policies.

For instance some travel insurance providers will allow you to buy right up to the moment that you pass through into departures.

Some travel insurance providers will basically not allow you to buy as soon as you leave your house as this is deemed as the start of your holiday.

If you can find an online insurer that says clearly that you can buy cover in the airport then go for it otherwise we strongly recommend you phoning the various insurance companies and speak to someone about later stage cover.

There are some kiosks in the airports where you can buy insurance but you need to be careful that you know all the terms and conditions

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