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Travel Insurance for the Over 80

UK Holiday cover for the over 80s

Listed below are the latest travel insurance policies for those over the age of 80. Travel insurance options can become limited when you get into your eighties but there are providers out there who will cover any age. These policies will cover such countries as Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France, Greece, USA and basically anywhere worldwide. Even if you have a NHS ehic card, you will still need travel insurance.

* Our example travel insurance quote is based on one individual travelling to Europe (Spain) for a two week holiday who is aged 80 years. Where the insurance provider has a range of policies the cheapest quote is displayed.

Saga Post Office Travel Insurance for the under 86s

For weekend breaks to one year trips Cruise cover provided as standard!
Optional extras - including ski, cruise & golf insurance
Choose from single trip, annual multi-trip or backpacker cover
24/7 medical emergency helpline
Example Quote* - £32.36 (PO Single Trip)

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Saga Saga Travel Insurance for the over 80

For weekend breaks to one year trips Cruise cover provided as standard!
- Cover most pre-existing medical conditions.
- Covers any age - NO AGE LIMITS!
Example Quote* - £62.56 (Saga Single Trip)

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explorer over 80s ALL CLEAR COVER UP TO 99!

All clears cover any medical conditions and any age too.
Their list of medical conditions that they cover is very comprehensive and many other insurers will refer their customers to All Clear when they are having difficulties having their own pre-existing medical conditions covered.
Up to 99 Example Quote* - £32.22

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explorer over 80s Explorer Insurance over 80s

Up to £250 total valuables limit to replace your stolen or damaged items and cover your watches and sunglasses
£5 million medical expenses cover
£5,000 holiday cancellation cover
Kids go FREE on family policies
Up to 99 Example Quote* - £37.49 (ES Single Trip Plus)

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alpha travel insurance Alpha Travel Cover Insurance (up to 99)
Up to £250 total valuables limit to replace your stolen or damaged items and cover your watches and sunglasses
- Single Trip & Annual Multi-trip policies to age 99
- Optional cover for over 2,000 medical conditions
- Independent travel on annual policies
Example Quote* - £47.21 (STC Trip)

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Travel Insurance for Medical (up to 99)

Optional Independent Traveller Insurance to provide cover when individual elements of a trip are booked separately, rather than as part of a package. This enhancement also provides cover for flights cancelled or delayed as a result of travel disruption caused by a volcano.
- No wardrobe worries - up to £2,500 for lost luggage
Quotes from- £59.22 (Med Policy)
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Get Going Get Going Over 80s Insurance

Get going, as specialists in medical travel insurance, they understand the difficulties of finding the right medical travel insurance cover at the right price. When you have an existing medical condition, whether it is asthma, high blood pressure or something more serious like cancer, they can provide peace of mind and cover.
Will cover up to 85 years old
Example Quote* - £29.34 (Get Going Single)

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avanti over 80 insurance Columbus Insurance up to the age of 85

We offer a range of flexible single-trip policies from just £2.69 and annual policies from £22(1) covering both Europe and Worldwide destinations. All policies include cover for over 150 sports and activities. For those with a more adventurous streak, many more daring activities can be covered for a small extra premium.
Example Quote* - £2.69!

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Direct Line Good to Go for the over 80s
Goodtogoinsurance.com provides travel insurance cover to travellers of any age, with or without pre existing medical conditions. They can also cover your travelling companions on the same policy.
- Pre existing conditons such as Cancer, Heart Conditions, Diabetes, Stroke, Epilepsy and many more
- Single trip and annual travel insurance with no age limit
- Three levels of travel insurance cover available and No AGE LIMITS!

Example Quote* - £67.34 (Silver Policy)

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Latest Travel Insurance Over 80s Seniors News

Over 80s Warned About EHIC Cards

More and more older people are travelling to countries such as Spain, Greece and France without any for of travel or medical insurance. They seem to be following their lead from younger people who generally will not bother with insurance particularly if they are just going for a week in the sun.

The European Health card, otherwise known as the EHIC card, is for European citizens so they have the same access to healthcare as locals. It is not meant to be used by expats as some do, particularly in Spain. Indeed this has even led to some Spanish hospials and health care provider turning away British citizens despite showing their EHIC cards.

The advise is always the same when travelling in Europe or indeed holidaying anywhere on the planet. Always take travel insurance and ensure you declare any pre-existing medical conditions because the EHIC card will not always come to your rescue.

Broken Leg No Insurance

Don't be without insurance if you break your leg abroad.

Cost of travel for older people to rise

Everyone is likely to suffer the increased flight fares from the UK but some will feel the pinch too with anticipated rises in travel insurance, particularly the over 80s, who will feel it even more as they are more likely to have medical condtions too.

The best thing thing one can do is to shop around for decent travel cover and not just use price comparison websites as they often don't have all the best options for older people.

The rise of the grey gapper

The over 55s are fast emerging as a group of people who are taking extended gap years abroad, and are being called gray gappers. They have a lot of disposable income due to being part of the baby boomer crowd who have been lucky enough to cash in on the biggest property bubble in UK history.

Research published by the Post Office revealed that 25 per cent of over 55s are thinking about the possibility of enjoying an extended single trip travel excursion around the world in the next two years.

However they are being urged to take out travel insurance particularly as they might need medical assistance more than younger gappers.

Brits still not taking out travel cover when abroad.

It is believed that less than half of Brits heading to South East Asia are taking out travel insurance. The crazy thing is that Britain offers some of the cheapest travel insuranc to its citizens in the world.

Apparently people are more likely to pack their own tea bags rather than holiday cover!

Post Office Travel Cover Over 80s

Post Office Travel Insurance is advising Britons over 80 taking activity holidays in the UK to make sure their travel insurance over 80 policies are up to scratch.

According to research from Mintel, the domestic activity holiday market is growing fast, with nearly two million people embarking on domestic water sports holidays in 2009, and a million taking up a rock climbing or cycling vacation.

Given the risks involved in adventure activities, even in the UK, Post Office Travel is highlighting the need for adequate insurance and warning that common adventure sports, such as waterskiing and windsurfing, may not be included in a standard policy.

Most travel insurance offers cover for flight and rail delays and cancellations, plus lost or stolen valuables, but Post Office insurance also provides personal liability cover for those holidaying in the UK, and protection for sporting equipment while not in use, of up £300.

SAGA travel insurance over 70s

Saga continues to cover people in the Uk over 70. They have given their website a fresh new look and their products now cover way more than just travel. They have their own brand of holidays and insurance products ranging from car to house.

Travel extras hand picked just for you >>

FCO Know before you go is the UK Government travel advice

Over80.co.uk - UK Travel insurance comparison for senior citizens

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